This is Alchemy Rising, gateway, community and purveyors of alchemical lab glass designed to extract the essentials from herbs, minerals and metals.


Alchemy is the means by which we draw forth the essential nature of things, purifying, recombining and exalting them from their bodies.  These products are the means by which we can confect Elixirs, Plant Magisteries, First Entities, the Quintessence and many other Alchemical that will revitalise, restore and increase our inner awareness.


Whether you are a practising Herbalist, an Apothecary, a Spagyricist or a student of the Royal Road welcome to the Art of Alchemy.


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For those rare individuals who have the dedication and passion to learn practical lab Alchemy ‘one on one tuition’, as well as group classes are available for bookings




Alchemy Rising


Alchemy Rising: The Green Book is the first in a projected trilogy by the alchemist Heliophilus that aims to unveil the Sacred Art. Alchemy is the central pillar of Hermeticism, essential for both understanding and undertaking the magical work of the Western tradition, which is steeped in its symbolism. As such, the initiatory lessons of this opening volume comprise a valuable addition to the library and laboratory of alchemist, herbalist, magician or witch.


The Green Book is concerned with plant alchemy, how to practically confect spagyrical Tinctures, Elixirs, the true Primum Ens, Plant Magisteries and the Quintessence. Also covered are the Plant Stone of Hollandus, the Plant Phoenix, the Quintessence of Blood and the Homunculus. It constitutes a complete programme of practical works from the occult laboratory of a modern day spagyricist.


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The Green Book


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The ancients believed that all living things were made up of three philosophical principles, body, soul and spirit. The Alchemists termed these Salt, Sulphur and Mercury. In the plant kingdom the soul or sulphur is the essential oil, either expressed or distilled from a herb.


Mercury or Spirit is the 'binding' principle, the mediator between Body and Soul, in the plant kingdom this is Alcohol, which can either be fermented from the plant, which is called the long path, or alternatively distilled from an alcohol made with grape, the short path.


Finally the salt principle is prepared by calcinating the dead herb or mark, to an ash, this is then washed with distilled water, filtered and the water evaporated to leave the mineral salts of the plant. By recombining these three we can prepare highly actuated alchemical products.



Primum Ens