Alchemy Rising


An elixir is a alchemically prepared product created by separating and recombining the three essentials to such a degree the plant salts volatise over with the essence, creating incredibly powerful potions that will dramatically impact the human body as well as opening the different psychic centres. Used by themselves or as one of seven planetary elixirs taken on their relevant days y, our elixirs aim to revitalise and preserve the body and mind.


Regular use of elixirs will not only improve health and well being, but one should notice an increase in awareness and synchronicity.  Charged according to art, these elixirs make incredibly powerful plant talismans.  The following recipe comes from Collectea Chemica.  Note the modus operandi, it teaches us how to unlock the minerals and metals.




Take any herb which is potent in medicine and either extract the tincture with spirit of wine, or distil in the common way; reserve the distilled water, or tincture, when separated from the faeces, for use.  Then take the faeces or Caput Mortuum and calcine it to a calx.  Grind this to powder.


That done take the water, or tincture, and mix them together; distil again and calcine, forcing the moisture over by a retort, in a wary process, calcining and cohabiting the spirit on the salt till it attains a perfect whiteness and oily nature, like the finest alkali, commonly called Flemish.


As your salt requires it the process, have in readiness more of the extracted tincture, or distilled spirit, that you may not work it, viz., the salt too dry; and yet proceed cautiously, not adding too much of the moisture, so that the dealbation, or whitening, may keep visibly heightening at every repetition of the process.


Frequent experiments may enable you to push it onto a redness, but a fine yellow is best of all; for this process tends, in it’s perfection at this period, to a state of dryness, and must be managed by a strong fire.  By following these directions, you have here the two tinctures in the Vegetable Kingdom, answering to the white and red tinctures in the mineral.